Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Five days to go....

Our journey to Guatemala began in September. Up until now, it's been applications and interviews, get-to-know-you activities, weekly orientation meetings, vaccinations, goals, and learning outcomes. We've shared our expectations, watched videos about fair trade, learned about the country and the culture. We talked about what it means to be of service, we talked about volcanoes. We ate chocolate. We prepared. 

In five short days (117 hours or so), we'll step off a plane into the heat and humidity--into the land of the trees. The learning of the past few months will come to life as we travel the roads between Guatemala City and Antigua, sweat alongside coffee growers and subsistence farmers, hike Pacaya, play Papifut, and share meals with the families and friends we meet along the way.

Surely, we will collect many memories. This blog is our way of sharing the adventure--a narrative tapestry of all that we see, touch and taste, of the questions we ask ourselves and others, and the meaning we make. 

We will try to post whenever we have access to the internet. That might be once a day, it might be once in 9 days. Either way, we hope you'll join us as we jump firsthand into fair trade. Guatemala, here we come!  

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