Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guac in the Guat

Today on this fine day we were woken up by roosters per usual and enjoyed pancakes with Guatemalan honey.  After breakfast we rode in the director of As Green as it Gets truck to San Juan Del Obispo where we learned about the history of the town and the mudslides they have dealt with over past years. We saw the animals that were used to produce manure that we later be used to as fertilizer for the soil. From there, we began walking through the hills towards San Miguel Escobar. We saw farmers beginning coffee fields where coffee beans would later be harvested. The view we able to see from being on the hillside brought a smile to our faces almost as pleasant as our tour guide for the day. Lunch took place at a restaurant in town where we were served burritos, nachos, and delicioso smoothies. The blend of banana, strawberries, and pineapple were mouthwatering. Even the Coca Cola was better at this restaurant. We took the chicken bus to Antigua where we shopped for souvenirs by haggling Guatemalan shop owners. After an hour of swindling our way to gifts for mom and dad we began preparing for the dinner that we would be making for later that evening. We were each given 150 q to spend on our list of vegetables, fruits, and rice. Some had the right idea and bought chocolate cake i.e. Kenny Faria. Due to a late start in preparing the needs for dinner we had to purchase the needed chicken at the local market. For our last time we rode on the notorious chicken bus which as usual smelt like a chicken bus. Each group member took part in preparing dinner whether it was preparing the tortillas, salad, guacamole, and chicken. The scholarly authors of this post partook in preparing the scrumptious salad and the rounded to perfection tortillas. Once dinner was on the table we began our Guatemalan feast. The dinner was delicious made with care from each group member and after our meal some rowdiness plates may or may not have been broken. Luckily to save the day which some would say was the highlight of the day we ate THE chocolate cake. *smiley face*

Today's blog was brought to you by Jessica Lambert and Kenny Faria. We hope you enjoyed reading about our day.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your day very much!! What a trip you have had and I can't wait to hear all about it from you Jess when you get home!!

    Jessica Lamberts Mom

  2. "After an hour of swindling our way to gifts for mom and dad..."

    I hope I trained Jessica well!!