Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rolling in the deep... dirt.

Rolling around in the dirt and drinking freshly squeezed lemonade straight from the farmer's trees, brought us back to when we were younger, when life was all about playing in the sun and being with the ones you love. Though we have only spent four days in the country of Guatemala, we have come to realize that these people truly have life figured out. Happiness isn't about having the newest iPhone or pair of UGG boots, instead it is about simply being, being one with nature and taking the time to appreciate the small things in life. As we were caked in dirt, riding home in the back of a pick up truck, we all looked at one another and spoke about how we were truly enjoying our time here, and had no desire to go back to the states any time soon. We worked hard helping a local family set up a self-sustaining system which would allow them to produce fertilizer for their gardens and methane gas for cooking. Somewhat sore and sunburned from being under the sun digging massive holes and shoving dirt for hours, we were all still content. There really isn't any other way to explain it. There was not one complaint as we road back to our house, because we were confident that we bettered these people, people that have taken us in with open arms. Every interaction with Guatemalan folks has been pleasant. From the mouthwatering home cooked meals where families opened up their homes, to strangers in the street yelling "hola" as we walk by, we feel as though we have become a part of this community. We hope that the rest of our time spent here can continue to benefit the community in which has already taught us so much.

-Kateland Dittig & Hannah Gagnon

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