Saturday, January 5, 2013

Is this Real Life?

So at around this time tomorrow the lucky 15 of us will be arriving at the hotel in Boston. Where did the time go? I don't think that it truly hit me that I was actually going to venture to Guatemala until a few days ago.  My friend asked me how many days it was until I would be in Guatemala.  I thought about it and I was like 5 days, wow only 5 more days.  Saying this out loud made it feel so real to me and I am even that much more excited! I went out today to pick up all my personal hygiene items and let me tell you finding things that are unscented is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  It feels really good to be all packed and ready to go, even though I always have that weird feeling that I am forgetting something.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have been given this opportunity. I look forward to immersing myself into the culture, trying new things, making new friends, and being away from technology for nine days. All I have to worry about is being in the moment, without any distractions. I know that after this trip I will have an even greater outlook on life. It is going to make me appreciate all that I have even more than I do now. My family and friends are probably going to get sick of how much I talk about this trip once we are back, but they can deal with it!

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  1. can chat to me for as long as you want to...I want to hear about it ALL!!

    Love you, Dad