Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Feel so Close to You Right Now

First off....this computer is in another language, so bear with us.

Day one in Guatemala:
After getting off our plane and trekking through customs we were met by our host, Devon, with a huge smile. We got some less than desirable airport food, and headed off to our final destination- San Miguel Escobar! Then we started a tour of our new home which led to a interesting walk around the town where we explored coffee fields, watched a game of soccer, the beginning of a new school, and the breathtaking views of the THREE volcanoes {one still active}that enclose our town. Most of us were lost for words, but in the best of ways. After our walk we went to a local coffee farmer's house for a delicious, authentic meal. At this point of  the night we were getting a little kooky...and tried our best to communicate with our dinner host, Filly. Michelle took the most away from this new friendship because of her mix up of French, Italian, and Spanish but made it through at the end. We all went back, still in awe from the crazy day, and ended the night with some journaling, laughter, and much needed sleep. We also decided that this trip is much like the MTV show, Real World which led us to the creation of the "Confessional" aka Kateland's bed. Stay tuned for those.....

Day two:
Our adventure began at 8:30 am in Antigua {the original capital of Guatemala} We started with el banco. Exchanging money isn't all that easy, but we eventually got some quentas for our future fair trade goodies. After, the coffee lovers of the trip visited the Whiskey Den and tried some amazing coffee which is grown by farmers who work with As Green as it Gets [our host] We met up with the rest of the group and started a walking tour of one of the most historical and gorgeous cities of Guatemala. On the tour we saw one of the 28 churches in Antigua, ruins that survived the 1573 earthquake, a real live crypt {it smelled}, St. Francis sanctuary of healing, and learned why Guatemala is the way it is, politically, religiously, and socially. After our tour we made our first visit to the marketplace where most of us purchased and haggled for various backpacks, jewelry, and more. Lunch consisted of the best sandwiches some of us have had in a while and smoothies that had some raunchy names. Full and happy we hiked up lots and lots of stairs with our new dog friend which led to the most magnificent view. There was the ever famous cross of Guatemala and a view of most of Antigua and a lot of lovers. After we took it all in, we headed down and visited a chocolate shop, did a little more shopping, and had our first walk through the main market. Then we met the CHICKEN BUS and all it had to offer. What is a chicken bus you ask? We didn't know either. Imagine 15 college students squished in the middle aisle of a school bus with about about 50 Guatemalans staring at us. We have never felt more like chickens, where the name most likely comes from. The smell, the close proximity and the inappropriate gestures that may have been made definitely brought us closer and provided us with an adventure with lots of laughs.

Our first two days feel like it had been two weeks considering all that we've seen and how close our group has gotten. Tomorrow we start our work on the coffee farms and our other projects, so wish us luck and stay tuned!
                                                    Roaming the streets of San Miguel
Taylor, Lisa, and Katelyn

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  1. Glad you are all having a good time.
    Enjoy every minute.
    Carrie's Mom